Electrical Division

An Overview of Afaq Electrical Division

Afaq Al Musana is market leaders in electrical maintenance in both the private, public domestic and commercial sectors, modular building installations and contracting since 2004. We operate by strict adherence to all laws and regulations, company rules and procedures and abide by all recognized safe working practices and guidelines. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have established with our long-term and repeat business customers. These relationships have been built over many years of quality and reliable service. By taking the time to understand our customer’s individual requirements we ensure we provide them with the best solution based on our technical knowledge and experience.

Electrical Services we offered:

• All types of electrical installation, testing & commissioning works.

• Primary (33/11KV) & Distribution (11/0.45 KV) substation installation testing & commissioning works.

• Small to medium power system installation, testing & commissioning works.

• HV & LV overhead line surveying, installtion , testing & commissioning works.

• HV & LV underground cable laying, termination, testing & commissioning works.

• HV & LV indoor & outdoor switchgears, oil & SF6 Ring Main Units installation, testing & commissioning works.

• Power (132/33/11KV & 33/11 KV) & distribution 11/0.415 KV) transformer installation, testing & commissioning works.

• LV(0.415 KV) & HV (11 KV) Diesel generator and associated sycnhronizing and AMF panel installation, testing & commissioning works.

• All types of protective relays installation testing & commissioning works.

• Operation & Maintenance of Power & Distribution transformers.

• Operation & Maintenance of 11 KV & 0.415 KV Diesel Generator & automatic control panel.

• Oil filtration of all types of transformers.

• Break down voltage testing of transformer oil.

• Operation & maintenance of street lighting system.

• Operation & maintenance of swimming pool system.

• Operation & maintenance of sewage treatment plan system.

• Operation & maintenance of Irrigation system.

• Operation & maintenance of power & desalination plants.

• Power, desalination and sewage treatment plant installation, testing & commisioning works.

• Capacitor bank and energy saving equipment installation, testing & commisioning works.

• Large factories maintenance & handling works.

• Small and medium power system design works.

• Light & heavy transport services, hire of hiabs, creanes and JCBs..


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Oil Filtration System

NIRMAL OIL FILTRATION MACHINE MODEL JHV 6000X (6000 LPH) is a suitable for all types of electrical insulating oils. This high-vacuum oil filtration system remove moisture (free as well as dissolved), gases, dirt and oxidation products from mineral-based and synthetic, silicon oils and others. Systems have an in flow rate of 6000 LPH. This plant work on low temperature, high vacuum principle. Plants mainly consist of heating, filtration and vacuum system. Heating system aids to the filtration and moisture removal. Filtration systems remove suspended particles down to 1 micron such as rust, dirt, scales, colloidal carbon etc. Vacuum Systems remove moisture (emulsified as well as dissolved) down to < 5 – 10 ppm depending on the working vacuum of the plant. This plant complies with the global quality standards and norms. This plant clean oil and dirty oil tanks effectively and thus protect a large number of major equipment’s at the power plants such as boiler burner front and all kinds of transformers. Known for its extraordinary performance, high efficiency, robust construction, reduced size and durability.

All high capacity transformers in use today have to cope with voltages in excess of 400kV. Therefore it becomes imperative to maintain optimal insulation properties of the transformer oils by rigid control over moisture, dissolved gases, particulate contamination and acidity. Transformer oils deteriorate with time and the decay begins the moment the transformer oil is shipped from Manufacturer’s factory. High temperatures, the presence of oxygen and water, the catalytic action of the materials within the transformer, all combine to result in oxidation and cracking of the transformer oil. The by-products of this oxidative process are acidic in nature, which results in an ever-increasing rate of deterioration of the transformer and its oil. This type of contaminated oil completely loses its insulating properties which will affect the life of the transformer in the long run. Hence the insulation properties of transformer oils should be maintained periodically by filtering this oil through our “Nirmal” filtration machines.

The periodic and proper treatment of these insulating fluids will result in the improvement of the properties of the entire insulating system of power transformers and will extend the effective lifetime of the asset. Many thousands of oil filled transformers containing huge quantities of insulating oil are in service today. As you are aware, the mineral oil in these transformers is intended to provide dielectric strength of the transformer insulation system, provide efficient cooling, protect the transformer core and coil assembly from chemical attack and prevent the build-up of sludge in the transformer. When the properties of the oil have changed enough that oil can no longer satisfactorily perform any one of the above mentioned functions, the oil is said to be bad. Continuing to operate a transformer with bad oil significantly reduces the transformer life expectancy. The principal functions of the insulating fluid are to serve as a dielectric material and an effective coolant. To perform these functions, the insulating fluid must possess specific qualities at the time of initial impregnation of the transformer core and filling of the tank at the manufacturer’s factory and which must be maintained at the same level in field operation if optimum performance is to be guaranteed. Typically these qualities are well defined by international and national standards.

Major Clients

Our customized approach to customer focus has delighted our clients from the government as well as the private sector. Some of our valued clients includes:

Government Sector

-- Ministry of Interior

-- Ministry of Housing, Electricity & Water

-- Ministry of Defense

-- Ministry of Information

-- Ministry of Regional Municipalities & Water Resources

-- Ministry of Manpower

-- Ministry of Health

-- Ministry of Education

-- Ministry of Higher Education

-- Muscat Electricity Distribution Co.(SAOC)

-- Mazoon Electricity Co. (SAOC)

-- Majan Electricity Co. (SAOC)

Private Sector

-- National Aluminum Products Co. (SAOG)

-- Omantel (SAOG)

-- AES Barka (SAOG)

-- Bahwan Engineering Co.

-- Larsen & Turbo Co.

-- Oman National Electric Co.

-- MAl Jizzi Electrical Contracting Co.

-- Oman Proman Contracting & Trading

-- The Wave

-- Muscat Steel

-- Action Real State

-- Seeb Hotels

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