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An Overview of Afaq Trenchless division...

AFAQ being a top caliber Drilling Company Contractor in Oman, continue to serve the sultanate for the last 6 years and expanding its horizon to cater the drilling needs of Oman and its neighboring GCC.

Afaq Al Musana Drilling Division (AMTDD)is a customer focused Drilling construction and contracting company in Oman, which undertakes all contracted works to relevant Western European, US or other International Standards, according to the demands of the individual client. Afaq Al Musana Drilling Division (AMTDD),, was established in 2004 with a mission to supply and support international organizations around the globe with turnkey construction solutions and to generate the most efficient and effective results.

Today, Afaq Al Musana Drilling Division (AMTDD) is recognized as a leading supplier of contingency logistics, specialized construction solutions, infrastructure projects and O&M services to civilian contractors, international organizations and governmental bodies. Together with our trusted partners HORIZON INVESTEMENT & INDUSTRIES, our team has a strong, established presence and many years experience of providing a complete range of timely services in support of electrical, water, sewer, oil and gas companies, municipalities, governments and international organizations worldwide.

This experience ensures that not only have our systems and procedures been developed and refined over time to optimize support to locations throughout the world. We have also in place the personnel with the right technical experience and ability of operating in demanding environments in many parts of the globe. Afaq Al Musana Drilling Division (AMTDD) brings staff with a wealth of experience in construction, infrastructure projects and trenchless utilities installations in the Balkan region, the Middle East and Asia. For further information on Trenchless installation of utilities by means of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Microtunneling and Augerboring.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Pipe & Cable-laying by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is one of the most innovative construction methods today. With the ever growing need for infrastructure around the globe, Afaq Al Musana Drilling Division (AMTDD) is pleased to provide turnkey trenchless routing projects for infrastructural networks, installation of conduits to carry electric and fiber optic cable, pipelines carrying water, sewage, fuel and other products. Due to the versatility of the system the installation can be carried out under roads, buildings, runways, pipeline corridors and waterways and through even the most difficult soil conditions, cobblestone and pure rock.

HDD Benefits

Directional borings are fast and have the least environmental impact of any alternate method. The technology also allows conduit placement under obstacles and provides maximum protection and minimizes maintenance costs. During installation normal business operations are not interrupted which is of utmost importance in any operational environment. Directional borings have a predictable and short construction schedule and the major benefits are:

• Continuation of normal operation • Avoidance of identified infrastructure installations • Maintain integrity of roadways, buildings, and natural features • Little or no disturbance to wetlands or nature conservators. • Minimum site restoration

Technology & Services

Afaq Al Musana Drilling Division (AMTDD) owns, maintains and operates a fleet of state-of-the-art horizontal drilling rigs. The Ditch Witch 2020, 2720, 4020 and 7020 rigs and Drilling Fluid Mixing Systems are manufactured by Ditch Witch, USA. The range of capacity in these rigs combined with a series of specialized drill bits and the Mincon Hard Rock Horizontal Directional Drilling System provide the opportunity to match the equipment to any field conditions in the Middle East, including rock and cobblestone conditions.

Ditch Witch 2020 Rig
Ditch Witch 2720 Rig

Ditch Witch 4020 Rig
Ditch Witch 7020/8020 Rig

Micro tunneling & Auger Boring

Afaq Al Musana Drilling Division (AMTDD) is proud to provide Microtunneling as part of our range of services. Microtunneling and Auger boring are specialist tunneling methods for installing underground pipelines with a minimum of surface disruption. The techniques are primarily used for sewer replacement and relining, gas and water mains, oil pipelines, electricity and telecommunication installations, culverts and subways. Where pipelines are laid at depths greater than five metres for lengths longer than 50 metres, concrete Microtunneling is always considered as an economic alternative to trenching. The techniques require no second lining and are the Economic alternative to a disruptive, deep open cut. The laser guidance system allows for Real-time line and level checks, Maintains accuracy in difficult ground and allows remote operations.

Benefits of Microtunneling & Auger Boring

• Safety during installation. • Remote controlled, mechanical Excavation • Cost effectiveness • Long drive lengths • Minimal, gasketed flexible joints • Structural soundness and Engineering integrity • Watertight, maintenance free pipelines • Continuous ground support • Good flow characteristics

Environmental Benefits:

• Reduces disruption and damage to services. • Highway protected • 90% less vehicle movements • Less spoil • Less quarried material

American Augers 72-1200NG

Our Drilling Division is proud to introduce the first American Augers 72-1200NG 2012 Model Auger Machine to provide horizontal drilling services for Water, Sewer and gas pipe projects. Our team is well trained and well equipped with the latest machineries, equipments, and with highly experienced engineers. This machine is suitable to work in soft, medium and hard grounds throughout the Sultanate of Oman, GCC and the Middle East.

The benefit of using our mini tunneling services reduces or eliminates the construction disturbances in urban areas such as highways and business by avoiding trenching on the ground surface. We have the capability to execute projects for larger diameter pipes up to 3.0 meters and for 200 meters in hard grounds and longer in soft grounds.

Technology & Services

Mini tunneling is almost similar to micro tunneling and pipe jacking but smaller on size and faster in execution. We have the capability to lay pipes from 0.60 to 2.5 meters. Since the machine is small, but powerful it can be operated remotely by our experienced operators. Our solution is a good alternative for pipe jacking which is costly and slow.

72” Steel Pipe Installation using Auger Boring , Salalah - Oman
Front View of 1200 mm (48”) SBU-M & ABM Set-up

72” American Augur Boring Machine
Inside 1200 mm (48”) SBU-M at Start-up

AFAQ Ghubra project - Ghubrah Microtunneling/Oman Drilling


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